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H. Andrew Hansen II, MD

Board Certified Vascular Surgeon


About Dr. Hansen

In practice since 1981, H. Andrew Hansen, II, MD trained as a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon. With three board certifications—general surgery, thoracic surgery, venous and lymphatic medicine—Dr. H. Andrew Hansen, II leads patients towards happier, healthier lives by diagnosing and treating their vein disease with the latest, most technologically advanced techniques. Specifically, Dr. Hansen specializes in minimally invasive ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy and thermal ablation. These procedures give faster relief to leg swelling, restless legs, cramps, burning and itching. Not only will patients’ legs feel better, but they will look better, too.

Dr. Hansen attended medical school at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, continuing his training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and Emory University in Atlanta. He also received his MBA from Texas A&M University more than 20 years after completing his formal medical education. However, Dr. Hansen believes that a physician’s education never ends. He continues to re-invent himself by staying up to date with the latest techniques and technologies.

Providing life-changing, non-surgical vein treatments in an office setting, instead of requiring a hospital visit, excites Dr. Hansen because it is easy, convenient, and better for the patient. “I love hearing about how they feel better and can do so much more than they could do before. That’s the best positive feedback you can get,” he says. Dr. Hansen strives to connect with every patient, making a point to get to know them on a personal level. He appreciates the trust they have in his credentials and experience performing vein procedures.

When not changing patients’ lives, Dr. Hansen enjoys hunting, college sports and lifting weights. He has personalized his office with memorabilia, including baseball cards from his childhood.

Dr. Hansen accepts new patients and welcomes all to come see his collections at The Woodlands location of StrideCare.

By the numbers:

  • Number of Procedures: 30,000+, 15,000+ Cardiac & Vascular Procedures
  • Publications: 8
  • Awards: 30+
  • Presentations, Exhibits, Special Training: 34
  • Book: A Patient’s Guide to Heart Surgery, 2009

Other Accomplishments:

  • Clinical Professor of Surgery at Texas A&M Health Science Center since 1990
  • President of The Association of Former Students at A&M in 1990

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