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Spider veins are a common unwanted issue for many patients. Spider veins can be multiple colors; red, purple or blue are the most common.

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Spider veins do not always require medical attention. However, spider veins indicate a deeper issue—venous insufficiency of the lower extremities. This is a vein disorder that causes blood to flow backwards and pool in the legs. If a deeper issue is identified, treatment will often help prevent or delay additional spider veins from forming.

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    What are Spider Vein Symptoms?

    Spider veins often are unsightly and a cosmetic nuisance. Spider veins usually do not cause pain, swell or bulge. They can occasionally itch and burn. If you have spider veins or notice an increasing number of spider veins, and are experiencing other feelings of discomfort (tired, heavy, achy) or pain, this may be a sign of an underlying venous insufficiency of the legs.

    What Causes Spider Veins?

    Hereditary factors play a big role in who develops spider veins. Statistically spider veins occur most frequently in women and individuals that have occupations that requires them to stand or sit for long periods of time. In general, any condition that puts added pressure on the circulatory system increases the chance of spider vein formation.

    The most common factors are:

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