What is Arterial Thrombectomy?

What is Arterial Thrombectomy?

An arterial thrombectomy is a medical procedure to remove a blood clot, or thrombus, from an artery. This procedure is critical to treating arterial diseases where clots can severely restrict blood flow and lead to serious health complications. Thrombectomy employs various methods to remove or dissolve the clot, depending on its size and location in the body. Typically, this procedure is minimally invasive involving a tiny incision and the use of small catheters.

Arterial thrombectomy is used to treat arterial blockages, and prevent strokes or limb ischemia. While medications like blood thinners can minimize the formation of new clots, they are generally slower at dissolving existing clots than an arterial thrombectomy. In situations that require prompt attention, methods such as thrombectomy or thrombolysis are vital, as they directly eliminate and remove the clot.

For patients who experience persistent symptoms indicative of arterial disease, such as pain or numbness in the limbs, it is advisable to consult a specialist at StrideCare. With over 20 convenient locations throughout Texas, accessing expert and comprehensive vascular care is more convenient than ever.

What to Expect During an Arterial Thrombectomy Procedure

Arterial thrombectomy involves a minimally invasive procedure to remove a blood clot from an artery. The procedure typically starts with a vascular specialist making a tiny incision into the clotted artery to insert a catheter. A combination of medication and specialized catheters are then used to remove the clot. The effectiveness of arterial thrombectomy in clot removal is notably high. After the procedure, patients are usually advised to balance activity with rest for about six hours to facilitate arterial healing. Patients can usually resume normal daily activities the following day.

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