What is Osteoarthritis/ Knee Pain?

What is Osteoarthritis/ Knee Pain?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading cause of chronic pain and disability impacting quality of life. Osteoarthritis limits physical activity and the prevalence has been rising due to the increasing aging population among other factors. Historically, OA is commonly known as a degenerative or wear-and-tear disease. It is now considered a more complex disease caused by inflammation of the tissue (cartilage, bone, and synovium) in and around the knee. In some cases, chronic pain is the result of increased flow in the small blood vessels around the knee and accompanying nerves in the knee joint.
Patients with chronic knee pain who have not received relief through conventional therapies may be good candidates for a minimally invasive endovascular treatment called geniculate artery embolization (GAE).

The Following Conditions Make for a Good Candidate for GAE:

  • Age between 40-80 years
  • Moderate to severe knee pain
  • Osteoarthritis based on x-ray, but without bony deformity/sclerosis
  • Local knee tenderness
  • Resistant/failed conservative treatment (pain meds/physical therapy/joint injection)

The Following Conditions May Disqualify a Patient as a Candidate for GAE



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