What Are Swollen Legs and Edema?

Edema, more commonly called swelling, is a condition caused by fluid retention around the hands, feet, legs, and ankles. While edema can be caused by medication to regulate blood pressure and inflammation, this fluid retention is also commonly caused by varicose veins or damaged and diseased veins in the legs. If your swollen hands, feet, legs, or ankles are accompanied by numbness and coldness, or open sores and ulcers, we recommend you get a series of diagnostic tests done with our expert specialists as soon as possible.

What are Swollen Legs and Edema?

What Causes Edema and Swollen Legs?

What Causes Edema and Swollen Legs?

Swelling and edema can be a result of a variety of non-threatening factors including eating too much sodium or taking a blood pressure medication. That being said, if you have varicose veins and are suffering from other symptoms including cold and numb feet or open sores and ulcers, the malfunctioning veins in your body may be overfilling with blood and causing your discomfort. By coming into StrideCare for a private consultation, our expert specialists can find the root cause of your swelling and treat your underlying conditions.

What Treatments are Available for Swollen Legs and Edema?

There are Many Treatments for Swollen Legs and Edema Available at StrideCare Including:

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